It’s easy to spend a couple of hours on social media –you’re busy tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook and reading interesting articles. Then, suddenly after a couple of weeks you begin to realise that all your tweets and posts are about things other than what your business is about. You’ve lost sight of your social media goals. How can you keep on track? 

A social media content calendar is a useful tool and will give you a framework so you can organise your tweets and updates and plan ahead.  I’m guessing that at some point in time you’ve sat in front of your laptop, opened up your social media account only to find your mind has gone blank and you’ve no idea what to write. Having a content calendar stops you from being distracted and keeps you on track with your marketing messages.

To help you get started – we’ve attached a free pdf template  for you to download of a social media calendar that we use to help you focus on what it is you want to say.

Social Media Calendar

A social media content calendar doesn’t have to be complicated but there are some key things to remember.

Goals – What are your social media goals? What are you trying to achieve?  This may be for the current month that you are planning e.g. Promoting a particular networking event or it could be part of a longer-term goal such as driving traffic to your website or building a community for your followers.

Keywords – These are the keywords that your followers or potential customers are using to search for you or your business’s products or services.  If you’re not sure what keywords to use then why not have a look at Google Adwords Keyword Tool to enter different keywords and see related search terms.

Audience - Who do you want to connect with and why?

Activity/Event – This could be a particular promotion you are running for that month or an event you want to focus on.

Once you’ve done this you can then start to plan ahead your posts for the month. Simply work though the calendar using the information you’ve already gathered to populate the template with the tweets you want to send out each day. The more information you can include at this stage, i.e. a twitter username or a venue address, then the easier it will be when you come to post your message. The next time you are sitting in front of the laptop it is simply a matter of posting the tweets or updates you’ve written on your calendar.

Of course if you want to you can use your content calendar to schedule some or all of your tweets using a third party application such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck but just make sure you put aside some time in the day to go into your social media accounts to reply to mentions , re-tweet and join in!

To download a free template of a social media content calendar

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