Why you need a social media policy

More and more businesses are adding social media into their marketing mix. Big brands were early adopters because it was easy to see the advantages of direct customer engagement, and now there is an increase in the numbers of SME’s now taking advantage of […]

What Is Social Media?

Social media is defined as a means of sharing, engaging and collaborating with others. Usually, people think immediately of the main social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ . However, it also includes blogging, participating in on-line community forums and […]

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5 Social Media Bad Habits You Should Avoid

It is good practice whether you are a small business or larger company to regularly review your social media.  It’s an ideal opportunity to see what is working for you, what isn’t and to make sure you haven’t fallen into any social media bad […]

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    LinkedIn Remove Activity Feed – 4 Tips To Help You Stay Informed

LinkedIn Remove Activity Feed – 4 Tips To Help You Stay Informed

LinkedIn Remove Activity Feed
In December 2013 LinkedIn quietly removed the Activity feed from your profile home page.  The feed allowed you and anyone viewing your profile to see all your recent activity.  This is a really disappointing move by LinkedIn. A couple of years […]

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How to use social media in your business

Looking at a client’s Twitter account the other day, I smiled to myself that he had a follower in Kuwait and mentioned it to him. ‘What good will that do me?’ He replied. And then wished he hadn’t, as I launched into a lecture […]

Five reasons to switch to a Facebook business page

Facebook was one of the first social networks where you could create a business page. Amazingly, there are still a large number of businesses using personal profiles rather than pages.

Facebook pages look similar to personal profiles but they do offer some different features and […]

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Startups, marketing and social media. Just do it!

by Jelliboo friend Hilary Thomson of Two Lizards

Startups are funny things. One minute there’s a lot of fighting talk from the client about market share and a trade sale a few years down the line. The next you’re having to explain they have some […]

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    Social media for business, it’s not just your profit that can benefit

Social media for business, it’s not just your profit that can benefit

When you work with social media, you tend to use it, a lot.  It is very habit forming.  Everyone has their favourite and mine is currently Twitter.  I can surround myself with a group of like-minded people who are all sending me news on […]

10 top tips for writing a social media policy

Every business or organisation using social media should have a policy in place to cover and protect both the business and the employees in the event that something goes wrong, but it can also help to prevent things from going wrong in the first […]

Why you should ask an expert..

How often have you been in a situation where you’ve got a business problem and need some help to find the right solution?  When we decided to make some changes to update our website and logo we knew that we needed some expert help […]

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